Home Renovation Estimator App

The Home Renovation Estimator App is designed to collect information for the individual tasks that will be performed in each room of a given house so that an accurate overall cost estimate can be calculated for a renovation project. It starts at the top level by entering the account information for a user. Then the user can enter information for a home that will be renovated. After the house has been added, each room will be entered with a description and the dimensions of the room. By entering the dimensions, it will be possible to more accurately estimate quantities of materials that will be dependent on them such as paint, drywall, and flooring.

Once the rooms and dimensions have been added, costs can be calculated by entering specific tasks for each room such as demolition or painting. The room task will document the individual work items and their estimated labor. To document the material cost, materials will be added to the tasks. In order to be able to add the materials to the tasks, it will also be necessary to add renovation materials to the application.

This process will be performed for each renovation task of each room in the house. Once all the information has been added, it will be possible to navigate to the summary page where all of the tasks, their labor, and material costs will be listed and the cost summarized on an html form. The html form will then be able to be emailed to a potential client. To get more information about how the app functions, follow the link Home Renovation Estimator Support.